My favourite WordPress plugins

During the last few years i have been fortunate enough to build several websites in WordPress either for personal projects or for work. Its a platform i love -as most of the people that build websites- and feel really comfortable working with or suggesting to others.

WordPress is really nice and easy to work with but in the same time it is really important to get the configurations right but also have the right plug ins. The funny thing is that WordPress is becoming like the App store on iPhone. There is always a plugin to do your work.

What are my favourite ones?

Wordfence Security

I guess its one of my favourites lately due to its increase level of protection that it can offer you. Obviously it offers a free and a premium service but i highly suggest the premium one. It offers the ability to hide your wordpress version, scan images as if they were executables but also it is constantly updated in order to protect your valuable website. Give it a try!

Yoast SEO

If you are working on WordPress you should by now have heard about this plug in. It offers by far the most options for your website than any other one. Even if i don’t like the latest update they made on the ui of the plug in i still like and suggest it ….like everyone else is doing.

WordPress Video Gallery by Apptha

If Video is your thing then i would suggest that plugin. Again there is a free and premium version but i guess after a while you will go for the premium one.  You have the ability to create your own branded video player but also to a video page that can show all of your categories. No more Youtube stealing your traffic.


A really nice one if you have a network or if you have a blog that you want to earn money from. You can add banners  every where on a site using the different codes Adrotate provides. Then manage the weight, the size, mobile or desktop, preview the add on backend…possibilities are endless. Obviously and a variety of stats for each banner. A must have for anyone that wants to promotes ads on his blog.

Those ones are the basic ones…but there are so much more…

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