Technical vs Content SEO

technical seo vs content seo

In the last few years there is always that same question for SEO managers around the world.  When they are looking for work usually a recruiter will ask if they are creative or technical focused SEO’s.

To be honest I have no idea how did that dilemma started but I really disagree with the question from the start.

People perceive that seo needs to be either one or another when its not the case at all.

SEO managers need to be creative

In essence what you are trying to do is to drive traffic to your website and that is not easy. You need to grow the organic presence but in order to do that you need to find ways to promote your website.

Are you doing a post about recipes from spain? Then you need to find a creative way to promote it on relevant forums. Your company has an offer about Polish customers? Try to find an interesting way to blog about it that doesn’t look like an ad.

Internet is huge and cruel of you are not a huge brand nowadays. If you don’t have the money and don’t have the brand recognition …. Then you better find some interesting way to get noticed or else…. Those links wont come your way!

SEO managers need to be technical focused

To be honest that was always the case. In the early days SEO’s were sitting in a corner of the office by themselves hacking there way to the number 1 position of Google.

Is it still the case? SEO managers need to understand all the technical aspects of a website and how to improve it. Essentially they need to be able to sit in a room with full of developers and answer any question they have on why we need to change something on the website.  If you are not able to do that then you don’t have a place in an online business as an seo manager.

The difference is that in the last few years developers/designers and people in general that build websites are more aware about the impact any change could have on the organic reach of a website. So they built the accordingly. Essentially that means we as SEO’s need to do less things but still… that doesn’t  mean there are no challenges.

I hate when people ask me whether I am more technical or creative seo focused. I am neither of them, I am just SEO focused.

Succeeding in SEO means that essentially you need to know everything inside out. You need to understand how affiliates marketing works, you need to understand the effect of offline marketing in brand and seo. You need to know how social media work and how you can leverage them to increase your organic visibility.

The list goes on and on. So please if you are searching for an seo manager don’t ask him if his technical or creative focused, he should be both.