About Me

My name is Antonis and i have been working in Search Engine Optimisation for almost 10 years now . Most probably you ended up here because you discovered a piece of content i have written (which should be a proof of good SEO) or you have seen me somewhere online. Either way, feel free to contact me if you need any help about SEO or digital marketing.

Currently i am working as a head of SEO in London and i have a passion for helping companies (huge or startups) improve organically and grow beyond there expectations.

Feel free to check my LinkedIn profile for more.

What is SEO?

I saw recently this answer by Glen Allsop, CEO of Detailed which i really liked:

SEO to me, if given an explanation that I’m interested in, is part reverse‐engineering algorithms and part reverse‐engineering human nature. It’s about using logic and “gut” to do what you think should matter and then relying on data to correct yourself due‐course. It’s certainly not the best definition I would use to describe SEO to someone else, but it’s what keeps me excited about the industry.

Antonis Kon