About Me

My name is Antonis and I have been working in Search Engine Optimisation for almost 10 years now. I am originally from Greece and I first came to UK in 2004 with the hopes to finish my Master’s degree (MSc in Sports and Leisure Management) and maybe get some work experience for a bit…

Fast forward 15 years i am still living in London having worked with some really huge companies and a T shape knowledge of all online marketing channels and expertise on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

My spare time is mostly consumed by my little son and i hope he grows up soon so we can go train together Brazilian jiu jitsu which i am doing for the last 10 years.

I was fortunate enough also to co-write an Amazon best seller which is called Mastering in House SEO and you can check it out here.

And now? …

Basically, feel free to contact me if you need help about SEO, digital marketing or you just want to say hi!