Antonis Konstantinidis

Welcome to my personal website

I am an SEO consultant with 10+ years of experience.

After all those years of experience in multinational brands, I have acquired a T-shape knowledge of all online marketing channels with expertise in Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Consultancy

I can help you build and implement SEO strategies that will improve your organic visibility.

Content Marketing Strategies

Exceptional Content Strategies that deliver Organic Traffic Growth & drive acquisition.

Link Building & PR

White hat strategies that will help you to build authority on your website and increase organic visibility.


Let me provide SEO training to your team and help you build awareness for SEO in your company.

Companies I have worked in the past:

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Ready to talk?

I am always happy to talk about SEO or anything related to Digital Marketing. Feel free to send me a message and start a conversation about the best SEO tactics that fit to your brand

Frequently Asked Questions

What SEO tools do you have experience with?

In the last 10 years, I have used pretty much every SEO tool that there is in the market. I don’t have any personal preference but I do find that depending on the brand different tools are needed. Usually, a mixture of Search Console, GA, Ahrefs and Screaming Frog is enough to get me started

In which markets have you optimized websites?

OK, ready? UK, US, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil… and Greece. I might forget something but in general I have a pretty good international experience when it comes to SEO

How long does it take to see results in SEO?

Well, that’s always a difficult one because it will depend on different factors. One of the main ones is how much companies are willing to embed SEO into there strategy. In general, 6 to 12 months would give a really good idea of whether you are doing something right.

Can SEO really help a local business?

SEO can help businesses of any size achieve higher search engine rankings. Using the right strategies you build brand awareness a stronger web presence and eventually leapfrog your competitors for local queries.

Whats your opinion on Link Building?

Link building has a bad reputation because of many SEOs and old techniques they used in the past. Building links does not have to be bad, though and are necessary for growing your website. Building authority links with content marketing activities, and PR is one piece of the puzzle to achieve organic growth.

Do you only focus on SEO?

No, I believe an SEO must have a deep knowledge of all marketing areas as he will need to connect all the activities in order to achieve organic growth. I have worked in affiliates and made large scale campaigns in Social Media and PPC before I end up working in search engine optimization. If you have any questions on other marketing areas then please feel free to contact me and let’s have a chat.